My name’s Matt Olson. I’m a software developer currently living just outside Vancouver (BC, not WA) and writing back-end Haskell for Mercury. Previously I’ve been an SRE lead(-ish), senior manager, team-level manager, back-end and desktop developer, graduate student, teaching assistant, and something not unlike a junior sysadmin.

This blog is where I put stuff that I want to write up for the internet, but don’t want to turn into a twitter thread. It’s probably going to be mostly tech-related, but expect some cooking content and maybe some TTRPG and digital art stuff too. If you feel strongly that I should stick to tech, by all means yell at me on twitter so I can ignore you in front of an audience.

I’m building this blog with Hakyll and Tailwind CSS, hosting on Netlify (free tier for now) running off of GitHub.